Delight Labs team members recently received expert training on all aspects of operating a consortium/third party administrator C/TPA drug testing business.

Reilly has worked for eight weeks to provide training for Delight Labs to become an expert provider of drug and alcohol testing programs.  The training included qualification as a DOT urine specimen collector and certification as a breath alcohol technician (BAT).  Joe Reilly has 25 years’ experience in the drug & alcohol testing industry and has trained and mentored many successful drug & alcohol testing start-up businesses.

On July 18 and 19, 2018; Reilly visited Delight Lab in El Paso, Texas for the final training event with two full days of intense training.  Training for the team at Delight Labs included the following topics:

  • Urine specimen collection
  • Breath Alcohol Technician
  • Designated Employer Representative (DER)
  • Supervisor – Reasonable Suspicion
  • Drug testing at SAMHSA certified laboratories
  • Medical Review Officer roles and responsibilities
  • Instant or Point of Collection Testing (POCT) – instant urine testing
  • Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) business
  • Drug Free Workplace Policies
  • DOT drug testing programs including random consortiums
  • Non DOT employer drug testing
  • Drug Testing Sales and Marketing

Delight Labs will provide services at their El Paso, Texas location at 8623 N Loop Dr along with mobile collection services in El Paso and surrounding areas.  Round the clock 24/7 service will be available for employers, labs, background check companies needing after hours mobile drug testing for reasonable suspicion testing post-accident situations.

Additional services offered by Delight Labs include Background checks, DNA paternity testing and Clinical testing.  Customer service and professionalism will be the mission of Delight Labs. Team members stated “We look to serve the El Paso community with employer drug testing along with testing for schools and individuals.  Answering the phone to immediately provide needed services will be most important to us.  I will make myself available to provide 24/7 services for both scheduled and emergency drug testing events.”

Delight Labs opened in July of 2018 with a focus to provide complete, thorough, and private Clinical testing, Background screen, DNA Screen, Drug testing and alcohol testing services in El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas. The center is located at 8623 N Loop DR, El Paso, Texas 79907. Texas State Clinical testing and Nationwide drug services will also offered through a network of over 10,000 added/more testing centers.  Delight labs is open Monday to Saturday and 24/7 for onsite mobile drug testing at employer locations.