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Mobile Phlebotomy, Clinical Testing, Background screen, DNA Screen, Genetic Testing and Drug testing for both employers and individuals is offered by Delight Labs with immediate service.  Our local office in El Paso, Texas is available for your walk in testing services. Our Clinical testing is available in the State of Texas and New Mexico while Mobile Clinical and drug testing collection service is available in El Paso and surrounding areas. We do collections for Clinical testing WITH or WITHOUT Doctor’s order. We come to you if you can’t come to us, Simply Labs @ your convenience.

Our staff is professionally trained for Mobile Phlebotomy, Clinical collection, Genetic testing collection, DOT/Non-DOT urine collections, breath alcohol testing and DNA paternity testing.  Great customer service, accurate testing results and fast turn-around will be what you expect at Delight Labs.

Nuestro personal está capacitado profesionalmente para la recolección de orina DOT, pruebas de alcohol en el aliento y pruebas de paternidad de DNA. Lo que espera en Delight Labs es un excelente servicio al cliente, resultados de pruebas precisos y un rápido retorno.


Trust us for managing and doing thorough and private criminal background checks on your workers. We run many background checks like driver’s license history, criminal checks, social security checks,   education checks and previous employer validations.

Confíe en nosotros para administrar y realizar verificaciones de antecedentes penales de sus trabajadores. Realizamos muchas verificaciones de antecedentes, como el historial de licencias de conducir, verificaciones penales, verificaciones de seguridad social, verificaciones de educación y validaciones de empleadores anteriores.


Want to get your workers tested for drugs and alcohol? The medical assistants at Delight Labs are just a quick phone call away. We want to establish safe, healthy and drug-free work conditions for all your clients and their employees.  We promote safety, productivity and a drug free workplace.

¿Quiere que sus trabajadores se hagan pruebas de drogas y alcohol? Los asistentes médicos de Delight Labs están a solo una llamada de distancia. Queremos establecer condiciones de trabajo seguras, saludables y libres de drogas para todos sus clientes y sus empleados. Promovemos la seguridad, la productividad y un lugar de trabajo libre de drogas.

What We Do Best

  • Personal Service – we answer the phone
  • Mobile onsite testing
  • Experience and Professionalism
  • Technology for efficiency
  • Clinical testing WITH or WITHOUT Doctor’s orders
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Compliance with State Laws and DOT regulations
  • Competitive, affordable and fair pricing
  • Accurate and Confidential
  • Full time Medical Review Officers (MRO) for drug testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic changes, sometimes called mutated genes, can make you have symptoms leading to a disease.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help reveal if you have a suspected disorder.

Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing

Pre-employment testing and ongoing employee testing

Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug testing policies and random testing, use a professional provider to avoid exposure to liability.

Mobile and location based clinical Testing service

We come to you, clinical collection at your facility

Mobile and location based clinical Testing service

We come to you for your clinical testing if you can't come to our location, WITH or WITHOUT Doctor's orders.

DNA Testing

Need DNA test today, call now for immediate service

DNA Testing

→ Immigration DNA Testing
→ Paternity DNA Testing
→ Maternity DNA Test
→ Relationship DNA Testing
→Avuncular (Aunt or Uncle) Test

Customer Reviews

  • Delight Labs was fast and easy to deal with when it came to my business’s Background screen and drug testing program.

    Peak Dental.

  • Very nice service and polite people.

    Gomez M.

Why Testing?

Clinical lab testing is proven to greatly aid in the detection and prevention of diseases. Delight Labs offers you quick and affordable access to clinical laboratory tests, in a convenient, professional and reliable manner.

Positive drug test rates are at a 10 year high in workplace drug testing per national statistics from Quest Diagnostics. 28 million Americans are using illicit drugs.  What are your employees doing? More than likely you have substance abusers on your payroll.  These drug users cost you money.

Are you required by regulation or insurance or a contract to maintain a drug free work place?

Now is the time to provide a safe and drug-free work environment for your clients and your employees.  Prevent hiring employees who use illegal drugs, and deter existing employees from abusing any illegal substance.

Save time and money with a drug testing program, check out the benefits:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Turnover, Tardiness & Absenteeism
  • Safer Work Environment
  • Save Time On Hiring Process
  • Hire Only Drug Free Employees
  • Long Term Reduction On Health Insurance
  • Eliminate Employees Who Are Liabilities
  • Reduce theft in the workplace
  • Advertise as a “Drug Free Workplace”
  • Potential to deny unemployment benefits to employees who test positive
  • Potential to deny workers compensation claims to employee who test positive after an accident
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Get prices for our services and note that prices may differ depending on your situation.

Talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable medical professionals.

Helping create a safer community.

Our Services

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

For your Mobile Phlebotomy STAT and routine draws, you can rely on Delight Labs for quick turn around time. From collection in the comfort of your home or office to having your result for your Doctor’s visit. Simply Labs at your convenience.

Clinical Testing

Do you have high deductible, no insurance or not enough coverage for the testing you want or need? This may be a reason to use our service. We are able to get you the health and wellness testing you need quickly at an affordable price.

On Site Mobile Drug Testing – 24/7 with Emergency

We come to you, drug and alcohol testing at your facility at your convenience. Available 24/7, we answer the phone for post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion and other after hour drug testing events both scheduled and unscheduled.

Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing. Also immediate Testing for Individuals

Pre-employment testing and ongoing employee testing keeps your workplace safe and productive. Drug testing policies and random testing, use a professional provider to avoid exposure to liability.Need a drug test today, call now for immediate service
→ Confidential → Nationwide Drug Test Centers
→ Accurate → Instant Testing and Lab Testing
→ Professional → Urine, Hair, ETG

Owner Operators and DOT Random Consortium

Get compliant today before your new entrant safety review. Complete package for the owner operator and small trucking company. DOT programs include audit assistance and ongoing consultation.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a medical test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. The results of a genetic test can confirm or exclude a suspected genetic condition or could help determine the possibility of developing a genetic disorder.

DNA Paternity Testing

Peace of mind – who is the father? Legal and court ready DNA paternity results, fast turnaround time. A correctly performed DNA test will provide you with absolute proof of your child’s origin.

Background Checks – are you hiring criminals?

Fast and easy checks to insure a good hire. Delight Labs is the Easiest, Safest and Quickest destination for your background search needs. We partner with an NAPBS Accredited provider – National Crime Search.

What Makes Us Different?

Delight Labs can collect urine for a drug test but we also have trained compliance specialists to help you navigate through the various Federal, State and Local laws regarding drug testing.  Our goal is to provide a program that lessens your exposure to liability. Critically important to your drug testing program is a testing provider that can help you with questions, issues and problem drug tests. Delight Labs is that drug testing provider.

Technology – we provide latest in Drug Testing Management Software

  • All web based – no software to install, no software updates to purchase
  • Increased efficiency, expanded access, complete visibility, unlimited users
  • Fast turnaround time, 90% of our negative drug test results are received in one business day.
  • Automated random program management system

Our testing center is clean and friendly with professionally trained staffs. We take no shortcuts, we do the testing correctly per regulations and best practices. Delight Labs will not share client information personal or otherwise to any non- authorized personnel. All client information is always kept confidential. We are fully HIPPA compliant and respect the privacy of the individuals we serve.

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Customer Reviews

  • Delight Labs was fast and easy to deal with when it came to my business’s Background screen and drug testing program.

    Peak Dental

  • Very nice service and polite people.

    Gomez M.